Native of Newport News, Virginia, Pastor Vikki Ammons currently serves as Senior Pastor of Living Waters Christian Fellowship with her husband, Pastor Charlie Ammons. Together, they submitted to Apostle Steven and Dr. Keira Banks in July of 1999 as their spiritual parents in the faith.

Pastor Vikki Ammons is a tremendous ministry gift to the body of Christ who aides in sharpening and developing leaders with a spirit of excellence.

Pastor Vikki has served in ministry over the past twenty years, operating in the gifts of helps and administration at First Baptist Church Denbigh, under the pastorate of Pastor Ivan & Sylvia Harris, as well as freely flowing and operating in the five-fold ministry gifts of the Pastor and Teacher over the past twelve years while at Living Waters Christian Fellowship.

While at Living Waters, she was licensed as Minister to Preach the Gospel in 2000, ordained an Elder in 2003 and set in as Youth Pastor of Living Waters Christian Fellowship in 2008. During this time, she has selflessly provided both administrative and ministerial oversight for the youth ministries, developed and trained leaders within the youth, young adult and adult settings and implemented strategies for growth throughout associated satellite ministries. In June of 2011, Pastor Vikki and her husband, Charlie Ammons, were installed as Senior Pastors of Living Waters Christian Fellowship by Apostle Steven and Dr. Keira Banks.

Pastor Vikki is fully equipped, trained and licensed as a Personal Financial Analyst. As such, she is anointed with wisdom, knowledge and revelation needed to provide families with essential steps necessary to establish and maintain financial order. Her practical, yet powerful messages centered around “Restoring Financial Order” have changed the lives of many who are now budgeting, investing, purchasing homes and building businesses.

Walking in the five-fold ministry gift of the Pastor and Teacher, she is tearing down barriers that have blocked believers from living a life of success and prosperity.

Pastor Vikki is a powerful woman of God, loving and supportive wife of twenty-four years, successful businesswoman whose fruit is evident through the release of her two entrepreneur sons- seventeen year old Jonathan, designer of Mad Millions Clothing Line, and fifteen year old Jeremiah, designer of AVIDITY Fragrances. Both, Jonathan and Jeremiah, are motivational speakers and also serve families as mentors to fatherless youth within the community.